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The Smallest Slytherin

Welcome to the largest dysfunctional family at Hogwarts.

Published between Feb. 7 and May 1, 2003










June Part 1

June Part 2

June Part 3

The sequels: An Obedient House, Salazar's Orphans.
Being withheld: Suddenly Severus.
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  • Raise your hand if you've never heard of J.K. Rowling. "Put your hand down, you silly girl!"
  • Artwork by BJ Rosen. Links to all images can be found here. The "January" image was originally created for her "Snark Summer".
  • The "Snakes Rule" t-shirt is from Teacher's Pet by Didodikali, as is much of Professor McGonagall's animagus theory.
  • "Heroic" and other killer adjectives can be found in I Am the Very Model of an Anti-Hero Archetype by Mariner.
  • Magsby Diggory (Maggie Bradshaw), the fabulous banner artist at Schnoogle.com, inspired "loosened ties, rumpled shirts, and happy smirks" with her drawing of Malfoy that now adorns the SALAZAR'S ORPHANS page.
  • "Stand up and Cheer," with a slight alliterative alteration, is from the Black and Silver fic, But I'm a Cheerleader.
  • Violet's quotes on ambition (and Snape's follow-up) come from an essay by Laura Ingalls Wilder in THESE HAPPY GOLDEN YEARS.
  • Blank Slate by Auror Borealis inspired the Slytherins' marriage fantasy. I wonder what happened to www.darkregard.com?
  • Igenlode Wordsmith inspired broom duty in the dungeon.
  • The Clear Creek Golddiggers marching band taught me how to make grass grow.

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