An Obedient House
Begun June 1, 2003. Completed February 12, 2004.
(That's before and after the release of OotP.)
Sequel to The Smallest Slytherin, prequel to Salazar's Orphans.
All the same acknowledgements apply.
Being withheld: Suddenly Severus

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Term One
1-After the Siege
3-September 1
4-Lake Slytherin
6-I'd Rather be Slythering
7-The List
8-It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time
9-Stone Cold Faces
10-Do-gooder's Remorse

A Term One Christmas Filk

Term Two
1-Assistant for the Defense
2-Duty Calls
3-The Problem with Pansy
4-Don't Patronize Me
5-Floo Tag
6-Bad Friday

Term Three
1-Practice Makes Perfect
2-I am Third
3-Do me a Favor


  • Like it says above, all the priors apply.
  • Artwork (except for "Term Two" image) is by BJ Rosen (blessings blessings!). Here's Violet, Violet's sorting, Violet at the orphanage, Father's Day at the Riddles, Snape Snugglers, Time Trials, Malfoy with Pansy and the Pouter, Convalescious lesson, Snape with Lupin, and Two Thin Layers. The Term One pic above is clickable, too.

    Term One
  • "Our House" is a parody of the song by Madness.
  • It killed me when one of Didodikali's Snapefics had Snape musing, "I think Draco leaps out of bed every morning and yells, 'Ta-daaaaa!'
  • "We love you, Severus," is to the tune of "We love you, Conrad" (the Conrad Birdie Alma Mater) from BYE BYE BIRDIE.
  • Shakespeare's KING LEAR thinks having a thankless child is sharper than a serpent's tooth.
  • The Growing Pains of Severus Snape describes Snape's cane as a willow switch.
  • Dobby's rendition of "Birdland" was inspired by Maynard Ferguson.

    Term Two
  • I have no idea who produced the art for Term Two. If you find out, you tell me. I'd love to see more of that person's work!
  • Thanks to Linda Strydom and the SnapeSupporters for the "Floo Tag" assist.
  • "Like a bird from these prison walls I'll fly" is from "I'll Fly Away."

    Term Three
  • SnapeSupport's Alaska Bizarre and Lynn gave me hemorrhoids and burning eyebrows.
  • I know, I know, "silly incantations" is from the movie, but it's so much funnier than "foolish wand-waving."
  • Thanks to Wolfie for always being there when I ask for help.
  • Thanks to Barrie for assisting with the Hufflepuff prank on Harry.
  • The Mark Lester picture is from Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (sometimes known by the superior title, Who Slew Auntie Roo?). The dispensary scene takes place near the beginning of the film but this shot is not in it so perhaps it's promotional. Chloe Franks (Katy) looks a lot cheerier than in the movie.
  • Thanks again to Lisa Mafrici for introducing me to Linda Eder's "Man of LaMancha" recording.

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