Just a quick page to show the damage in Benson from the tornado, June 2001.

The tornado touched down just east of town along Highway 12.
Saddest part for us, perhaps, is that the Viking Cafe was destroyed.

"That's not the way to Willmar!"
The wind twisted this sign all the way around.
That's not the road to Willmar behind it. That's Benson!

Here's a shot along a gravel road that runs parallel to Highway 12 as it heads into Benson.
LOTS of broken trees and debris along the railroad tracks.

Tree damage near the railroad tracks.

We worked on a section of land between Highway 12 and County Road 25, at the homes of Fleigle (sp? pronounced FLAY-gull), Johnson and Ogilvie. This is Fleigle's car. It was INSIDE a barn when this happened. The barn is gone and it sits on a blank foundation.

Like they say in CHRISTMAS VACATION, "That's an Rrrrr-Veeee!" The sad part is, it was uninsured at the time of the storm (some people only insure their RVs during the part of the year when they use them, not while they're sitting at home).

The UMM folks I worked with. Ohmystars it was HUMID! Miserable work, picking up shingling and glass from huge farm lawns.