Fall 1997

Here's the line-up from the fall of 1997:
Front Row, shortest to tallest: Laura Paulson, Erin Paulson, Krista Kremin, Rebecca Chapman, Beth Chapman, Doris Espelien, J., Josh Chapman, David Boll.
Back row, Karen Goodwin (left) and Sondra Paulson (subtly red-headed).

That fall we had an open house to raise awareness of the group. The Lake Region Arts Council came up with the dough to buy the overalls and we spent a jolly night at Pamida and Fleet Farm picking them out. Good old manager Spates, who gave us a discount, used to play Kick the Can with Rebecca when he was about this age.

After getting the shaft from the Jaycees (they kicked us out of their Halloween dance fund-raiser because they wanted more room to sell refreshments), the kids staged their annual haunted house in J's garage. Alas, the donations were stolen. Expect it when you least expect it, punks.

The Open House included an even edigier knock-off of ANNIE than we'd done the previous winter. We called this one, "Barely Annie."

My favorite part was when orphan J. would accidentally push little Erin off the table while protesting Beth's mistreatment of little Krista.

The villains seemed to be heavier drinkers this time around. Perhaps it was because the pastor wasn't in the picture.

Linda chickened out because she didn't want to play secretary to such a cute young Daddy Warbucks.