Quick page of pix of the damage caused by strong winds on Lake Minnewaska, May 31, 2011, due to record high water levels. All these shots were taken along South Lakeshore Drive.

Check out the spray. We NEVER have spray on Lake Minnewaska! As you can see from nearby structures, it ranged in height from 4 to 6 feet.

These two docks were almost underwater.

Babel dock and boatlift. Note height of wave - all the way up to the crank wheel. But where is the boat?

Here it is, tied off to a utility pole along Jeanne's lakeshore. Every time a wave hit, it disappeared completely. Note Bobcat and boulders on my boulevard. Work on my restoration began the same day.

Here are the townhouse slips. Very few top pieces remain on the docks.

Dockmaster Dave and other volunteers ventured into the foam to retrieve the top pieces before they got smashed. Here are some of the lucky survivors.

After dinner, Dave planned to venture back out to rescue these pieces. Ask yourself this. How is he supposed to get IN to the water without breaking an ankle?

Here's Dave Wednesday morning, hard at work.

He pointed out an upside down pontoon beached in front of the Gilman place.

Here's a dock near Peters with its end piece twisted completely upside down. See the tires sticking up in the air?

Here's a close-up of them.