Simply Annie

Those who can't do... knock off. The Minnewaska Mask and Wig Club is less than a non-profit organization... we're a charity. Unable to afford luxuries like royalty payments, we do parodies instead. Here are the orphans of our production of "Simply Annie," clockwise from the pony-tailed cutie with her elbow in the air: Erin Paulson, Sondra Paulson, Rebecca Chapman, Katie Hebeisen, Jean O'Brien and Laura Erickson.

Oh, man, do I have to type ALL these names? Kevin Erickson (in the red vest), Barb Jurek (next to him), John Chapman (glasses and mustache), Josh Chapman (mustache, no glasses), Angel Kvitek )up high in light blue), Rebecca Chapman (in front of her), J. (in front of Rebecca), Linda Wharton (head tilted), Barb Chapman (with the paddle), Erin Paulson (long underwear and pony tails), Laura Erickson (long underwear and long blonde hair), Sondra Paulson (long underwear leaning on Laura), Beth Chapman (with the dog), Katie Hebeisen (white long underwear next to Beth).

Angel, crossing gender lines to play Franklin D. Roosevelt, is missing part of her right arm. When it was time to point, guess which one she kept raising? "Angel, for God's sake, the left arm, the left arm!!!"

All in the Family. Our bad guys are actually a mom and her two kids... and we rehearsed their slinky, slimy number in the basement of St. Paul's Lutheran Church (that's PASTOR Chapman to you).