Prairie Wind Players summer 2006

The Spitfire Grill

Roosevelt Hall in Barrett
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, June 23-25
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 29-July 1
Director: Rebecca Webb
Vocal Director: Tammy Ragan
Producer: Darla Johnson
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Percy and Shelby Shoot the Moon

Rural Wisconsin. February. Percy Talbott is released from prison and arrives in the small town of Gilead where Sheriff Joe Sutter finds the young girl a room and a job at a ramshackle diner called the Spitfire Grill. It's run by a crusty old widow, Hannah Ferguson. Caught in a swirl of small town suspicions led by the village busybody, Percy soon wonders whether she's made a mistake in coming the Gilead. But when Hannah breaks her leg, Percy takes over, against the better wishes of Hannah's fiercely protective nephew, Caleb. Percy is joined at the Spitfire by Cabel's wife Shelby, who tells Percy about Gilead's past - the day the town hero went off to war and Gilead changed forever. Wanting to escape the painful memories, Hannah's had the Grill on the real estate market for ten years. It's Percy who dreams up a possible solution... a solution that leads to some surprising discoveries.

Our Cast. From left: Katie Foley Mackenzie (Hannah), Ashley Satre (Percy), Kathy Ray (Shelby), Dave Swenson (Joe), Jim Johnson (Stranger), Tim Ray (Caleb), Tammy Ragan (Effy). Click photo for high resolution version
cast photo

Production Photos

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Our set


Lights and sound

Stage manager

Olly olly!

Welcome to Gilead.


... and snow.

Plunk... plunk... plunk.... plunk...

Small diner... real fixer-upper...

A man is more than blood and bone...

Maybe I ain't a man at all...

Parole session over?

Them loaves of bread we put out... are we leaving 'em for...

Johnny B... #2.

What goes on here, Hannah Ferguson?

100 dollars!

I'm looking for information about a trial.

Amazing, how they arrive in alliterative clumps!

Holy _____!

Shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot...

Shoot the moon!

Here's to glue
And here's to tea
Whatever I say
Repeat me

My friends and my family are with me tonight.

Shelby manages more than the contest.

There's got to be some hope left somewhere.

Time for our lives... to learn how to smile...

Why would anyone with half a brain move away?

Confessions of...

... a wild bird.

Alcohol + no sleep = ...

... things better left unsaid.

A bird made of twigs. Johnny B. hears all.

I wonder if she'll wake up and find him there?

Eli's been here... and Percy's gone.

Thanks to Eli...

... Percy sees the light.

Raise your hand if you have NOT had a bad night.

Why did I spend my hard-earned money on ribbon
when I could have just snatched the one around her neck?

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Our theory: Hannah wanted to unload the grill and sneak Eli away in the night to start over in another town.

It was just a private deception...

Who else could it hurt?

Shelby and Caleb begin to pick up the pieces.

You're never too old...

... to repent.

Eli's gotta be thinking, "I have to do everything around here."

Did it need any spelling corrections?

"It's just me and my wife. I'm a hard-working man."

What do you give people who have everything?

Can you tell the Packer backers from the Huskers?

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