Quick page of pix of the damage caused by a massive storm (with tornado action?) along Highway 55 in west central Minnesota August 1, 2011. Towns affected included Barrett, Lowry, and Glenwood. These shots are from my South Lakeshore Drive neighborhood.

Where to begin? I guess the Baycrest Marina's a good place. Submitting this picture to the West Central Tribune got me interviewed for their story on the storm.

They say the trees fell over because the ground is so moist but I saw quite a few that were broken, not tipped.

South Lakeshore Drive was closed by fallen trees every few feet for miles...

...and it wasn't just one tree. Right here, I count at least eight trees that fell in one spot. See their trunks all pointing at the road?

My house was one of the few unaffected. This pine tree fell on my neighbor's garage instead.

Just about every house in the area had a tree on its roof.

The historic Randall House property suffered quite a bit of damage. Here we see their trees blocking the road...

...but fortunately, only this much of the house was damaged.

Caution! Tipped trees create enormous holes.

Look for the humans to gain perspective on the size of the damaged trees.

The Peters Resort area was particularly hard hit. I believe they were still without power 48 hours after the storm. Note the flooding.

Here is one of their enormous inflatable lake toys, punctured and hanging from a tree.

These men are fishing dock sections out of the water.

Not one but two sets of downed power lines threaten passers-by along the road. There were at least half a dozen locations where downed lines endangered travelers.

This secluded deck is now flooded by high water.

Jeanne's dock wound up in the middle of the road. This was the first thing I contended with upon emerging from my house.

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