[I'd begun with material like this. Then Book 7 was released and the final straws fell, inspiring me to post the following.]

Summer 2007
What fine Nazis you'd make, wallowing in the muck of blind loyalty, never daring to criticize your idol for what she says, does, or writes, no matter how much harm her actions may cause.

It disgusts me to have to share the planet and the future with you.

UPDATE August 6, 2007
Okay, the number of fans I've seen with the integrity to suggest that Rowling's values as expressed in the HP series might warrant debate has risen to more than five (though I've yet to see any professional critics or reviewers with that much spine).

It's ironic, of course, that so few of them are Snape fans. I'm aware that the number of self-professed Snape fans who don't really like Snapes at all has risen dramatically the last few years. So, as far as SUDDENLY SEVERUS goes, I remain leery of potential swine rending.

UPDATE Christmas 2009
Yes, I continue to find you unworthy. Nevertheless...

There are more of my thoughts on the subject in my blog (like the entry for May 6, 2008).

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