Terrace, Summer 1997

This is Terrace Mill. Population 6 or so. Is this cool or what? There's a restaurant with a gallery upstairs and a mill pond beside it. Besides Heritage Days in June (when the kids perform), there's a fiddler contest in the fall. We really amaze me.

Cross as crabs after rehearsing in the hot sun at Terrace (bless the Mill folks for giving them something to drink), the kids cheered up enough when I brought out the dog to pose on the end of my dock. Guess where I am. Brrrr. Clockwise from the dog (Daisy) are Doris Espelien, Krista Kremin, Erin Paulson, Rebecca Chapman, David Boll, Josh Chapman, Sondra Paulson, Beth Chapman. J. is behind Doris.

Every time we teach "Mild Midwest" to a new group of kids, it goes faster!

In addition to "Hard Knock Life" we did a take-off on "Tomorrow" with references to various Pope County businesses. "We could rob Tom's Food Pride! The Lowry Hatchery! Bredesen's Variety! The Store Company Restaurant! Then we could REALLY give something back to the community! [Pause] [Pause] Oh. [Giggle] Never mind. 'When I'm stuck with a day...'"

"Mission Impossible," our second interpretive dance number, was edgier than "Community Effort...."

... which we did again, of course. Some day we'll have a "Community Effort" reunion with all the folks who know how to do it.

"Mild Midwest." Here Krista is just on vocals. By winter she could do the choreography, too.