This page contains magnificent stuff that disappeared from cyberspace, leaving people clamoring, "What happened to that animated video about Snape and the marauders set to Pretty Fly for a White Guy" or ...

Update 9/3/2008
Visit the September 3, 2008 entry in my blog for material from I Want to Keep My Baby.

Update 3/10/2008
Valeria's "The Growing Pains of Severus Snape," perhaps the greatest Snape fic EVER, has disappeared from cyberspace. But I kept a copy, so here it is, in mere text form: The Growing Pains of Severus Snape, Age 36 3/4."

Update 4/12/05
Princess Stephanie at 10

When I was a teenager, I used to peruse tabloids looking for material on Ryan O'Neal. One summer I came across this picture of Princess Stephanie and was so captivated I added it to my O'Neal scrapbook. It's been there for 30 years; I went looking for it on-line following the death of her father and couldn't find it anywhere, so I decided to post it. It's probably from THE STAR. Click here for a version that will fit on your screen and here for a much larger version. Sorry, I have absolutely no photo credit info.

Update 6/22/04.
The "Potter Puppet Pals" site,, seems safely back in cyberspace, so I removed it from this page to make room for Auror Borealis' BLANK SLATE (text only, sorry). I wonder what happened to

Update 4/8/04.
Click here for a brilliant Foamy cartoon that speaks loud and clear to writers of fanfic.

Kudos to Koticzka for rescuing the video footage below.
Click here for the "Pretty Fly" animated video by Amanda Keller. Mac users, it's a Windows Media document. You may have to click on the link, then copy and paste the URL into your Windows Media Player ("Open URL" under the File menu) instead of trying to see it in a browser (IE or Netscape).

Click here or here for Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe suiting up for quidditch as Tom observes, "We're not really enemies, we love each other, really." Originally posted on MalfoyObsession.
This page brought to you by the Smallest Slytherin trilogy ("The Smallest Slytherin," "An Obedient House," "Salazar's Orphans"), in which Snape rides herd over his houseful of willful snakes.

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