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This page has resources and examples for the course and links to other helpful materials. The materials will be added as needed.

Introduction to Coding Dojo programming

In class we will be using a collaborative programming learning approach known as Coding Dojo. We will be using a slightly modified Randori version of Coding Dojo.

In a nutshell, the approach involves a group of learners and a single computer connected to a video screen. The learners, in turn, take on the following two roles: a driver who is typing a part of the program on the keyboard and a navigator (a.k.a. co-pilot) who helps the driver when she/he is uncertain how to procede. The entire group particpates in discussing the program being designed. If a discussion takes place, the navigator is responsible for directing that discussion, including making sure that a conclusion is reached in a timely manner.

Every five minuters or so participants switch: the navigator becomes the new driver, and a new navigator is selected.

The practice is very successful for learning groups, provided that everyone in the room is paying attention and participates.

No participant is allowed to try code on their own computer during a Coding Dojo.

In-class examples

Standard Java classes and interfaces used in the course


Reading materials