CSci 3601 Software Design and Development.

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The course plan is largely put together as we go along.

Labs are done in groups assigned by the instructor. Wiki pages list things that need to be submitted for the labs, as well as how they need to be submitted. Unless otherwise specified, labs are due at 10pm on Monday before the new lab starts.

Assigned readings will be discussed in class. Unless otherwise specified, for each reading assignment each student must submit a list of questions and comments through the Wiki. Questions can deal with specifics of the code (e.g. "What does primes[j++] mean?"), suggestions for a more in-depth coverage ("Can we go over abstract classes again?"), or questions about the practices ("How does pair programming work in a group of programmers with different areas of expertise?"). The reading assignments grade will depend primarily on your questions. Remember that I'll grade the quality, not (just) the quantity of your questions.
Abbreviations used:

Your participation in organizing the course is essential not only for your success in the course, but for the successful run of the course itself. Please discuss with me any suggestions or concerns as soon as possible. Feel free to stop by, e-mail, call (including my home number, it's listed in Morris directory) right away.

Week 1: Aug. 29th - Sept. 2 Reading: ASD Ch. 1,2 due Tuesday at 10pm, Ch. 3,4,5 due Thursday at 10pm
Lab: Stack Lab (individual). Due Sept. 13th. at 10pm
Week 2: Sept. 6 - 9 Reading: ASD Ch. 3, 4, EJ Ch. 4
Lab: Stack Lab (cont.).
Week 3: Sept. 12 - 16 Reading: ASD Ch. 6, 17, 16
Due: Stack Lab due on Tue. at 10pm
Lab: Binary Search Tree Lab due Tue., Sept. 20th at 10pm
Week 4: Sept. 19 - 23 Reading: ASD Ch. 6 (cont.)
Lab: Binary Search Tree Lab (cont.)
Due: Binary Search Tree Lab due Tue., at 10pm
Week 5: Sept. 26 - 30 Reading: ASD Ch. 5
Lab: Rafactoring
Week 6: Oct 3 - 7 TBA
Weeks 7 - 15. Work on the project. Reading announced as needed.