Part 1: The Last Summer
(Posted May 14, 2004)

Part 2: The Fall
(Posted September 1, 2004.)

NOTE to those who do not read Works In Progress or discover 'Salazar's Orphans' after December 13, 2004: This story was posted at intervals for effect. To achieve the greatest impact from "A Merry Little Christmas," take at least a week off after reading "The Fall."

Part 3: A Merry Little Christmas
Posted December 13, 2004.

Part 4: Spring Forward
Posted June 14, 2005 (approx. one month prior to release of HBP).

Tom Felton as Louis Leonowens and my thoughts on fleshed-out Slytherins.
Book 1: The Smallest Slytherin
Book 2: An Obedient House
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Being withheld: Suddenly Severus


The Last Summer
  • Barrie thought of doxy traps. She and Adinkra named Bones.
  • Call Deb, Quaxo, Anna or Barrie for all your house-elf travel needs.
  • Patty Satjapot spent quality time with Lupin and the Slytherins.
  • "Will Barrie draw more art?" You wonder, dontcha? But I finally found the perfect place for Violet's portrait.
    The Fall
  • Kudos to Simone, the only person to catch (or at least mention) the thestral thing before the Wednesday night interview.
  • The image at the end of "The Fall" is from Elyse's fanart page and was drawn for Veresna Ussep's story, "Love's Labors: Paradise Lost."
    A Merry Little Christmas
  • Of course that's not really our intrepid quartet. It's Manhattan Transfer.
  • "Count Your Blessings" (by Irving Berlin from the 1954 film WHITE CHRISTMAS) courtesy, arranged, and performed by Bob Morton.
    Spring Forward
  • Alcatraz IS a bird sanctuary but only part of the island closes for several months per year.
  • Suddenly Seymour is from LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. "Wild Wild West" is by the Escape Club.
  • Violet learned chubb fuddling from Nancy Mitford.
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