Rebecca Webb's Initial Homepage.

Greetings. I'm a Wellesley grad and University of Minnesota employee who first came on-line in 1993 while working for the Pediatrics Department (Hi, Clint). This page describes my first dozen or so years of adulthood; they happened to correspond to my earliest years in cyberspace.

I started a blog in June 2004. I can be reached via e-mail at

I studied screenwriting with Sterling VanWagenen (creator of the Sundance Institute, and don't let anyone tell you different) while attending graduate school in 1986, the winter TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL was nominated for 2 major Oscars (it's all in the timing). As a result, I belong to the John Gardner "On Moral Fiction" school of thought. I attended the film festival in Park City in 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. I was strongly influenced by Todd Haynes' "Superstar" and a Discovery Program short entitled "The Great O'Grady" but made theater my venue in west central Minnesota, directing about a dozen community productions while acquiring a Masters in theatre and education.

I formed the club (the name is borrowed from the Christopher Walken film, "Who Am I This Time?") in the fall of 1995 after being invited to a COMPAC meeting encouraging collaboration between rural artists. Sharon Alessi promised she'd help anybody who took the lead, which was all the support I needed (at the time...hello, Lake Region Arts Council!). The Minnewaska Mask and Wig Club was designed to be an on-going, low-budget performing arts club for county youth. Here are some of our events.

  • Best Christmas Pageant Ever, December 1995
  • Living in the Mild Midwest, Summer 1996
  • Simply Annie, February 1997
  • Terrace 1997
  • Fall 1997 (Barely Annie Open House)
  • Fall 1999 (Gigs, gigs, gigs...put these kids on tv!)

    One of the highlights of my work with the club was the development of a series of original plays about Pope County entitled "Pope Fiction."

  • Pope Fiction, "Minnewaska Mischief" (spring 1998)
  • Rehearsing "Minnewaska Mischief"

    In the spring of 2000, I got a Career Development Grant from the Lake Region Arts Council to produce episode 2, "Shorty's Ghost," as an experiment in taping live theatre for cable access broadcast.

  • Pope Fiction, "Shorty's Ghost," May 2000

  • The Stevens County Moppets (Summer 1998)
  • The world premiere adaptation of SARAH AND KATIE, February 1999
  • THE TROUBLE WITH ANGELS (Life with Mother Superior by Jane Trahey) (January 28-29, 2000)
  • THE LONG WINTER - an adaptation waiting to happen. Includes photos from De Smet following the children's "blizzard walk" from school to town.
  • JOANNE WESTFIELD, premiere production Jan. 20-21, 2001.
  • BABES IN TOYLAND, Barrett, December 2002
  • THE CEMETERY CLUB, Barrett, September 2003
  • ANNIE, Barrett, Summer 2004
  • THE SPITFIRE GRILL, Barrett, Summer 2006
  • Spookiest Spots in Pope County Bus Tour, October 2006
  • Brit Grit and Closely Knit: The Pope County Museum's Tour of the Glenwood Cemetery

    I know what you're thinking. "With fans like Rebecca..." What can I say? I write about the admirable, the good examples of the world. Screw up and I'll nail you. Just call me the Substance Kid.

  • The Dermot Mulroney Tidbit Page
  • Unbelievable treasure. Pictures of a young Christopher Walken doing Shakespeare at Stratford.
  • I am also the proud author of the original Brad Pitt FAQ
    I'm an ovarian cancer warrior (since July 18, 1996). (Fine, thanks). "Chemo and Me" follows one woman's nauseous journey from straight hair to curly.
  • Chemo and Me

    "P32" describes my experience with radioactive IP phosphorus (P32). This is not a common treatment (I don't think) but has been credited with lengthening remissions so I thought I'd put it someplace public.
  • Radioactive IP phorphorus (P32).
  • Here's what it's like to have a lung biopsy.
  • The Minnewaska Cheerleading Routines from fall 2000 and Feb. 2001.
  • Nov. 2000 Youth Group trip to Willmar, featuring the Pool Boys.
  • Barsness Cemetary (or Lake Ben Cemetary)
  • Benson Tornado damage, June 2001.
  • THE storm, a Minnewaska dock-knocker, Monday, July 23, 2001.*
  • A photo gallery of the gorgeous homes on Summit Avenue, St. Paul.
  • My page on great uncle Orin D. Haugen, a World War II hero.
  • July 2002 Glenwood Lutheran Church Youth Servant Trip to Chicago.
  • The real "Yours, Mine and Ours" family
  • The Smallest Slytherin (Slytherin fiction)
  • An Obedient House (Slytherin fiction)
  • Salazar's Orphans (Slytherin fiction)
  • Homeless treasures rescued from cyberspace
  • *10 years later, an even worse storm
  • The Mystery of Lake Hassel Island